I wrote the screenplay for the father/daughter road trip comedy DETOURS (2016), which is now available on Amazon Prime in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Click here to watch the movie  - it's free for Prime members.

The movie stars Tara Westwood, Carlo Fiorletta,  Michael Cerveris, Richard Kind, Vanessa Aspillaga, Phyllis Somerville, and Paul Sorvino.

DETOURS is also available world-wide on Vimeo on Demand - rental is just 99 cents, or the equivalent in local currency. Click here to watch.


DETOURS premiered at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida in May 2016 in front of a packed house. It won the Best Picture award at the Action on Film Festival, and was nominated for the same award at the Long Island International Film Expo.  DETOURS wrapped its festival run at Jersey City's Golden Door Film Festival, at which Tara Westwood received the Best Actress award, Richard Kind received Best Supporting Actor, and Carlo Fiorletta was nominated for the Best Actor award.


My first feature, Surviving Family (2012), is available on iTunes and  Amazon Prime.  It's the story of a young woman (Sarah Wilson) who shows up on her dad's doorstep with her fiance (Billy Magnussen) and a plan to get married in 5 days. Laura Thies directed; Tara Westwood, J.D. Williams, Vincent Pastore, and Phyllis Somerville headline the great supporting cast. Click the image to the right to watch the trailer. It screened at 18 festivals in the U.S. and Canada, winning numerous awards.

Surviving Family is also available to stream worldwide on Vimeo on Demand for just $2.99 or the equivalent in local currency - click here.



I wrote the screenplay Trinities, which is from a story by Kelsey Maples, about a police detective who struggles with the legacy of her father's murder. It's currently in development.

I've recently completed two screenplays - both thrillers - focused on the battle to end the poaching of endangered species around the world:

Rewilding Africa: When a wealthy businessman's teenage daughter is brutally murdered, he finds himself on a collision course with a ruthless poacher. Brian Gow, producer; Ari Levin, director.

Nine Deadly Sins:  A serum that could end wildlife poaching forever puts a scientist in the cross-hairs of organized crime. Brian Gow, producer.






Detours trailer

Surviving Family trailer

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Billy Magnussen in Surviving Family

Above: Billy Magnussen in a scene from Surviving Family.

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