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Are you struggling with the plot or dialogue in your screenplay?  Are you confused by slug lines, action sequences, and the minutiae of proper formatting?  Do you have a story or novel that you want adapted to a screenplay? Are you looking for a ghostwriter?
I've helped dozens of writers and I can help you, too.

What Clients Say

“Thank you for the amazing feedback! Your notes are easy to follow and super helpful!”

Elizabeta Vidovic, Screenwriter and Director

Almost Normal Productions

"I really love the work Mara did for my script! Will definitely hire in the future."

Lawrence Casseus, Screenwriter

"You're great at what you do."

Ed Chavez, Screenwriter

"Thank you once again for all your wonderful work. I am so glad I made the decision to have you do the screenplay."

MJ Greene, Author, A Conflict of Interest


"Mara is a real professional who has impressed very much. We highly recommend her services."

Brian Gow, Producer

"I enjoyed working with you and the work you delivered. I especially appreciated your professionalism and collaboration."

Kelsey Maples, Producer, writer, and actor

"Great to work with Mara again. She's very professional and has some great ideas."

Steven Ioakim, Writer and Director

"Mara is not only extremely helpful and knowledgeable but a joy to work with. She put a lot of effort into my script and really dissected it. She didn't just go through it for minor errors then send me on my way. She took the time to understand the world, the characters, and the themes that my script was trying to communicate. I highly recommend Mara to anyone who wants to take their screenplay to the next level. In 3 hours with Mara I learned more about screenwriting than I have in the past 6 months. She is truly excellent at what she does."

Ryco Newton-Block, writer, NYC

Additional client feedback available on

What Actors Say

"Mara's characters are people we all know and her dialogue is wonderfully real. As an actor, the faster you can get a script off book, usually means the better it is, because it flows and makes sense; that's her writing. Her screenplays are a pleasure for me as an actor."

Tara Westwood

 "You should be very proud of this movie [DETOURS]."

Phyllis Somerville




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